Can an ex boyfriend still love his ex girlfriend who had loved him a lot? Why would he contact me?

We were in a relationship 4 years ago. I was very pure towards him. And loved him very much. He also loved me. But I don't know why he got married to some other girl. His family wanted it. Then he disappeared from my life completely. I never tried to ruin his relationship with his wife though I could. Just yesterday, after years, he contacted me. I was surprised to how he still had my number. We talked on call. He remembered so many things about us that I probably had forgotten. He said he can never find that kind of love that I gave him. The way I expressed my love, it was different. I believe he still loves me from somewhere in his heart. Or no?


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  • With only one speach, it is not so easy to understand. I wouldn't recommend speaking to hım again, though. After the relationship is over, especially a long one like yours, it requires a lot of effort to make it fully excitable and trustworthy again.

    • We had a relationship of one year. Then he married another girl. He doesn't need anything from me. He lives abroad. Maybe he contacted me out of his deep hidden love.

    • Maybe. As I said, talking one time will not clarify that much. I suggest asking hım the reason of the contact.

    • He said he was missing me.

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  • Are you Indian? He had an arranged marriage? What he’s doing is selfish. Have uo moved on in these 4 years?

    • Yes I am an Indian. He had an arranged marriage. Before his marriage, he was in affair with me. I don't consider him as a bad person. But I have never wished or tried to ruin his married life.

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    • No new relationship.

    • What he’s doing is selfish. There’s a saying here that goes, he has his cake and gets to eat it too. You should stop allied boyfriend him to call it’s not fair to you and you just don’t seem to see how incredibly selfish he is being. He’s not thinking of you. He’s thinking of how great he gets to feel when you express happiness to speak with him. What are you getting out of this? You’ll contact bye to be alone and he’ll continue to be married. Move on with your life and find someone who will only love you and show it by being with you.

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  • He's married. Leave it be. You don't want to guilt of wrecking a family.

  • Sounds like he's unhappily married and looking for need fulfillment

  • I don’t know :/


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  • He probably does still love you.

  • Yes, but he will contact her f he loves her.


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