Russian girls are hard to get acquainted with or not?

They seem to have a huge trusting issue against males who are not Russian. It's quite hard to get even a little bit of important information from them; such as contact number or resident area on the very first date. And also, it seems they like to play the hide and seek game with men. These are the opinions of my friends we had dated them lately. I wonder if that's how it is.


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  • Tbfh as a russian man, I would highly recommend you stay away. We are very traditional, those that leave the country tend to mix but those that mix in the country don't have it easy in society. Their trust is low because their family will be harsh on them and if they're man is foreign or of a different colour then they can expect to face physical violence in russian borders. Also I will not share the secret either so good luck

    • Thanks for the info bro. it is and will be helpful I think.

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