Would this be a red flag for you?

I told a guy I needed to focus on me before we could date and he was cool with it, and I was keeping him open as an option for when I was ready to date anyone.

in a completely different conversation he mentioned he would get back with his ex (from 4 years ago) in a heartbeat.

I told him it was sketchy and called his character into question and he didn’t seem to understand why, and tried to wave it off with “she lives in China now so it’s unrealistic.”

But it kind of left a bad taste in my mouth and I’m unsure whether to write him completely off or not
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I don’t wanna keep repeating myself to morons: I did NOT ask him to wait for me.

By “option” I meant I wouldn’t friendzone him so I may pursue things with him when I figured my own life out if he were available

Good fucking lord.
Would this be a red flag for you?
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