Girls, What should I do about my girlfriend?

For some odd reason, my girlfrend has been very irritated lately. When we first started dating, things were fine, she often spent the night at my apartment, and we seemed very happy. We recently went to the HIM concert in Chicago and we had a fun time. She works at a bar & girl so her hours often go until 11:00pm. I used to often pick her up from work and we would spend time together. She then felt that she needed to spend more time with her best friend whom she works with and sees all the time. She has recently blown me off and told me that she is going out with her friend and her friends boyfriend after work, which I believe because they often post on SC. Last Friday I asked if I could pick her up and she said “I gotta find out what’s going on first”, to which I replied “well when you find out let me know okay” to which she got really upset and accused me of telling her what to do. We didn’t talk the rest of Friday night. We texted lightly on Saturday and once again she was still pissed off. It is now Sunday and I sent her a message this morning, “I hope you are feeling better, I miss you 😘”. It is now 9:00pm on Sunday and I have still yet to hear from her, nor have I seen her post anything on SC. Why is she acting like this? What did I do that was so horrible? I treat her well, in fact I’d say I’ve been nothing but good tool her. Help me out if you can.


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  • It sounds like she may be wanting some space, or losing interest in the relationship. I would talk to her about it. Its better to address the issue now than later, when it may be too late (I'm talking from experience).

    • For some reason whenever I try to talk about it or ask if we can set time aside to she says she doesn’t want to talk about it. I finally heard aldrin her after almost 24 hours and she said she was having signal problems with her phone and she was supposedly sleeping all day. I just don’t want to get hurt again, my ex girlfriend almost destroyed me.

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