How do I finally become successful in dating?

Long story short, I have never had a girlfriend and I hate that so much. I feel unattractive because of it. I know that I have some good qualities, but I think that my mistakes cause me to be single. Like I don't say the right thing to get a girl on my side. I seem to kill any attraction. Meanwhile, my friends and older brothers are the opposite of that. They are almost all in long-term relationships. I don't think I have a chance with most girls right now because I'm hesitant to do anything because of the fact that I've always been rejected. I am tired of feeling like a loser in dating because I can't get a girlfriend. I am shy around girls and I build a wall so that way I can't embarrass myself again. And I AM DONE putting up with girls who won't initiate some conversations with me. Basically, I need the girl I am talking to, to initiate conversations instead of me always doing it. This feeling sucks, I hate it.


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  • Repetition is the master of skill you have to date maybe follow the blogs of dating coaches online

  • Ask her on a date and plan a nice coffee date if you need help.

  • By deciding to be successful.

    • How can I decide to successful if I know that I haven't been successful in dating?

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    • Learn to be less awkward with women by failing and trying again. I recommend you look into building your self-esteem a bit because you don't sound very confident if yourself. And a lot of women look for that and confidence has many benefits in life not exclusive to building relationships.

    • I'm just not all that confident in my ability to date right now.

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