What does she mean?

Been seeing this girl for only a month. Started as a hookup but we kept seeing each other. We only hooked up one time, each time after we've seen each other it was just to hang out or catch up and say hi. I told her early on that I like her, and she said she likes me too. At first I thought she meant "I like you as a person". A few weeks have passed. Yesterday we shared a moment. I told her I appreciated her. She said she appreciates me too. And tonight she says she adores me. Obviously we're into each other. I know I've been trying very hard not to let the L word slip. Do you think she's doing the same thing? I don't know. Personally, I adore dogs and cats and find kids adorable sometimes. I wouldn't exactly use it for a partner, I'd rather use 'cherish' than adore. What do you all think? Is adore a synonym for love in this case, or is she describing something else?


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  • a lot of women like a forward man. Hell personally I'd love it if my man would just look me in the eyes and tells me how he feels about me.

    If you're worried about letting the L word slip. Let it slip.

    If she doesn't feel the same, then keep what you're doing and I would hope that she'd feel the same way sooner or later. Don't be afraid of rejection.


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  • I think possibly you're getting a little clingy my friend you're scaring the piss out of her


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