How long after a relationship should someone wait before trying to date again in your opinion?

For me the relationship lasted 5 months. It has been a week and I somehow already have a crush on a girl I know. Most likely won't ask her out and it definitely would not be for a bit.


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  • Probably one third of the relationship when it got serious. Like after those few awkward dates or when you two became a couple. So probably it might have been a month or two slowly getting to know each other so probably a month maybe but it depends on how things are. If you found a new girl to go for hop on and go for it. Just be sure to not mention your ex orany plans you might have had man.


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  • Well, as long as you're over the person, could be a week could be a year, as long as your emotions for the ex are gone and won't come back up again, in my opinion.


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