Accidentally led on 3 guys this year... how to stop?


I'm a sophomore in high school. This year, I was asked out by 3 guys in my HS, all seniors who I interact with a lot for track and field... I rejected all 3 of them because I only see them as friends (though a 4th guy, also a senior, asked me out and we are currently dating).

Obviously, I feel like shit about this, but I'm not sure what aspect of myself I should be changing so people don't get the wrong idea. I will fully admit I was completely oblivious and didn't have enough boundaries w the first two guys who asked me out because I didn't think it was possible for them to like me since a) I was a freshman at the time, why would two juniors be interested in me and b) I don't view myself as someone who is particularly attractive... maybe a 7 at best, but definitely not a model.

But with the third guy, I do not think I gave any sign that could be misinterpreted as attraction. He'd offer me rides home from practice when I asked people from practice if someone could give me one (which I never accepted), we barely talked, were never alone together... we had a snapchat streak but that was it.

Seriously though: I am not a hot girl. I do not understand why these guys have liked me, I'm not a model AT ALL, especially since they're older and so I'd think they'd want "maturer" girls). What could I be doing that could be taken the wrong way?
Accidentally led on 3 guys this year... how to stop?
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