Girls, Why am I single?

I'm 23 years old and I currently have no girlfriend. It's really eating at my self confidence and will to live. I've been on 5 dates since I graduated high school and never reached a second. I had a few girlfriends in school but since graduation I've felt invisible. It's really hard to be a single man nowadays. I constantly get teased for it and a lot of guys still think I'm a virgin (I'm not). The only thing I can think of is that I must be so ridiculously ugly that I'm repulsive to all women. I've tried online sites and there either just as bad as real life or a scam. It's very difficult for me not to see the world in vain. I often feel like I'm at the bottom of the barrel and that none would ever want me. I honestly want an intimate relationship more than anything eles in the world. Maybe it's because I'm too thin (120 pounds), I'm really starting to work out and eat more protein. Or that I'm losing my hair (I'm taking medication and saving up for a transplant or toupee). But really it's all out of my control. I just feel really hopeless and invisible at the moment. I'm 23 and a complete failure. Is there any chance that I can find a relationship? And how do I do it in today's world? I constantly see better looking guys than me and think I'll never be attractive. I have great personality, I speak well. And I'm honest and straight forward with women. I'm also great in bed. But just because my looks at average I have to suffer. Is there any hope? Here's what I look like. Maybe it's because I'm too nerdy looking. Girls, Why am I single?


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  • I dont think your ugly! So the only problems i see is you maybe like wrong girls or how you express yourself to them and many more.. I understand your delema.. The only advice i can give you is to change and be more open minded cause sometimes you just looking too hard for that girl you want.. If i were you just wait and build your self up so that once you find her your stable to have her in your life.. God will bless people who wait :)

    • Thanks very much for this answer. I will continue to do this. Although it can be very difficult to wait.

    • True! But it can also be worth while in the end :)
      Goodluck for both of us

  • I think it is because you are that desperate. I was the same and then I was fed up and said "fuck all men" and did not care... Then I met my husband...

    • Yeah, now that I think about it all my other relationships came with little effort. Maybe I just need to put myself out there more. And the rest will fall into place. Or so I hope.

    • Try to enjoy me time a little bit... Relax, don't so desperate. You are only 20, you have plenty of time to find the right one.

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