I snooped his Facebook, is he just gonna ignore me forever?

Me and this guy have been talking/dating for about a year and a half. He's 26 and I'm 19.
One day while he had left and I was there alone I went on to his computer to check my work schedule. The work schedules are posted in this Fb group for my job. I went to Fb and his account was still logged on. I was about to X out but a message popped up and took me over to his other msgs. I was stupid, curious and bored so I started to click through some msgs and I ended up on the msgs between him and this girl during the summer he had talked to a lot, he claimed the conversation was innocent so I didn't want to read them. I opened up a couple different msgs, not reading them but to see when he last talked to them I guess. I immediately felt super guilty since I was invading his privacy so I closed out.
The next day he was acting weird and then texted me and asked if I used his computer. I said yes to check my schedule but after noticing your account was logged in I closed out. He asked if I was sure I didn't do anything else and I lied and said no. He brushed it aside and continued talking to me. The next day he was acting odd again so I asked what was up and he said he didn't think I was being completely honest about going on his computer. I said the same thing and he told me that until I I wanted to say what really happened he wasn't going to talk to me.
I told him what happened and he knew the whole time since he checked his history. He said he didn't believe me that I just opened and didn't read the msgs. I left him alone the rest of the day and sent him a long apology owning up to everything and he said he didn't believe me. I left him alone for another day and then apologized again and asked if we could talk and he said he didn't want to talk to me. I asked if he could let me know when we could talk and he said he didn't know.
I basically poured my heart out apologizing and the next morning he said "I'm not ready to just be okay with you, you hurt me"
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A couple days later I surprised him with his favorite foods at his lunch break, I stayed long enough just to make sure he got it. He was smiling so big and kept texting me about how sweet it was and we continued texting that day like we used to.
At one point he just stopped responding and he hasn't said a thing all day today.
What is going on?
Also I'm suspicious he might be talking to summer girl, both are online on fb at the same time super late.. I know it sounds crazy but should I worry?
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What should I do? Should I ask if he wants to talk? Or is he going to say he doesn't want to talk to me again? It was just so odd how things were getting so good and then he just stops replying and says nothing to me the whole next day.
I'm so paranoid he's talking to the one girl :( the only time he would stay up until 3am before was when we first started talking..
I snooped his Facebook, is he just gonna ignore me forever?
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