My boyfriend and I had too much sex. Is this bad for our relationship?

I am actually at fault in this.
So my boyfriend has planned a lot of thoughtful activities for us (e. g. he got us tickets for go karting/disneyland/movies), but all I wanted to do was to take his clothes off and have sex all night the moment I saw him.
We usually meet up once a week, so I thought we need to have sex to make up for the days we haven't seen each other.
He complained to me afterwards and asked me, "Will you be okay if we decided not to have sex for one week?". He said that he wants to make an effort in taking me out, and I didn't give him a chance to.
We met up today, and he insisted that we should go out on a romantic stroll and get dinner. I feel like I have probably tired him out, that he does not want to sex with me anymore (at least not in the near future).
What should I do? Is too much sex really that bad?


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  • I don't think it's about "too much sex". It's just that you don't see eachother a ton, apparently, and while sex always sounds like a good plan, he might want to share other good memories with you as well. It's probably not about tiring him out or anything.

    Have a good talk about it! Communication is key in a couple. We can give you opinions all we want, but at the end of the day, the only opinions that matter here are yours and his.


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  • It looks like your relationship is based on only sex.


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  • It just sounds like you guys need to see each other more then once a week.
    When you only see him once a week and all you do is have sex that's more of a standing booty call rather than a relationship and if one of you wants more there are going to be problems.

  • I think you should talk to him about it...
    Seems like you have a pretty high sex drive and he has a low one... so that's something you need to talk about!!!

  • Yes, I got out of a relationship like that.
    It dosent allow for you and him to actually get on to a deeper level of understanding of one another.
    Also you start becoming dependent on the dopeamine that is excreted during sex. It is a Litteralt addiction. Sex is helathy. But juat like anything it can become unhealthy at certain levels. I struggle with this my swlf and wish I could get more, frequently. Almost a daily basis, I'd take seconds too. But you need to find a different outlet to at least distract your mind from that for a bit. And let things naturally take its own course some times.
    Enjoy the moments of life while you can and be comfortable with the person you are falling asleep with more frequently then the person you just slept with.


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