Is it true that the more money you have, the more attracted you are to thinner women?

I was reading an article online about a study conducted on some sugar daddy website and it turned out that most men on that website were into skinny or thin girls.
Does this mean that most of the male population, or the population of upper middle class or upper class men prefer thin women?

Note: I think all women: skinny, athletic, average, curvy, by the way are all beautiful.


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  • I don't think that there is any connection other than that rich guys, who are essentially buying a girl's attention, can afford to be choosy. When people have the ability to choose, on looks alone, they are more likely to go for people who are in good shape. Obesity is a niche taste, not a mainstream taste.

    • I agree, but I don't think you have to be skinny in order to be in good shape. I think skinniness is a niche of its own. I think average (not so fat and not so skinny) is the default.
      Think Kim Kardashian. She's not skinny, but she's in good shape.

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    • hehehehe

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  • Sorry if it's too callous of an opinion but fat looks disgusting, those who are fat also knows that. It usually depicts laziness, greed and just looks bad.

    If you were a man with money, you have the public's eyes on you, you'd want someone attractive on your arm, someone active enough to move around and care for your kids and take care of home.

    I'm sorry but even when men say they prefer plump women, many times they lie in hopes they will hurt skinny women, which they already are afraid if getting rejected by.

    I grew up around fat women, they have the lowest self esteem, competed with younger skinny girls like myself, vindictive and sad because you can tell their men weren't into them.

    No matter what they said about being proud to be thick, I knew it was a lie from the way they carried themselves, they had dirty houses, poorly cared kids, no jobs and sad around gossiping about rubbish. Truth is, many of those women get cheated on, being fat takes years off your life, slows you down and kills motivation to do anything.

    I also think it shows selfishness, because fat people are usually selfish and manipulative, they'd rather keep eating while shaming skinny people into joining them and forcing you to date them, when they really wouldn't date themselves.

    • Why are you making the assumption that I'm fat? You're entitled to your opinion, but I think you're confused about what it means to be fat. Being a average, thick/curvy, "a few extra pounds" doesn't make you fat per se. Being a BBW or obese does. Then again, it depends on what you believe and people define fat differently. In the modeling industry, anything bigger than a size 2 is considered fat. Not that I agree with it.
      Every guy likes something different and a guy who explicitly states that he prefers fat women is probably not doing it to get back at skinny women or out of fear of being rejected by skinny women.
      On the other hand, skinny people disgust lots of men in the same way that fat people disgust you. I'm sorry if this offends you, but anything that is too extreme as in fat or skinny is just disgusting.

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    • See a psychiatrist ASAP. Jealous little skeleton lol.

    • You're still here being fat and what not, cut it out this instance, I can hear heart attack knocking at your door, oh wait that's just you coming in like a wrecking ball, bye Heavy D.

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  • No, it's entirely subjective and money has nothing to do with it. How could it? Oh I'm poor so I like fat women and then suddenly I become rich and I like thin women? Nope. That makes no sense.

  • It might be. It could be that with more money comes more options to choose partners based on what society has taught them is attractive.

  • yes and no

    and its way contingent

    • how is that?

    • basically
      initially it is and later on it is not.

      and this answer is contingent and contingency is way higher

      so probability of being right would be around 60-70% if most of contingencies are satisfies

  • You have read something very very wrong

    • Why is that?

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    • Does the fact that guys in this sugar daddy website I'm talking about prefer thin women mean that rich dudes in general prefer thin chicks?

    • Nope, there are millions of rich guys out there , just because very few of them are on that website and even some (not all) of the guys among them prefer thin girls doesn't mean all or most of the rich guys prefer thin girls, but being skinny or fit doesn't matter much to rich guys , every girl or boy can change it the way they want anyway

  • To hot women and all women in general.


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