What does love at first sight feel like? How do you know if the person you’re dating has experienced that with you or vice versa?

I was ushering for my friend and taking ticket stubs at the door. As soon as this guy walked into the door, he immediately started staring at me. He seemed like he had been hit by something at the sight of me, he looked a little bothered at first then his facial expression softened and he came over to me and took his time looking into my eyes. He even awkwardly tried to start a conversation with me but couldn’t quite continue the flow since I had to continue taking ticket stubs.

Anyway, he asked me out on a coffee date and I agreed. As soon as I got there his face seemed to be beaming at me, he was constantly flushed, he kept looking into my eyes, and his hands were shaking so much he clattered his coffee mug at least twice.

I was badly hurt from my last relationship so I feel a bit hesitant to address my feelings but I do enjoy him being a gentleman and I find him very attractive. As soon as I saw him, I immediately thought he was attractive and like I had seen him before (which I guess I hadn’t because he had been abroad for like two years). I was nervous too but I was just better at hiding it I suppose lol I don't know if that helps but there it is


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  • After a Christmas party last year and chilling with a girl I fell in love with I said I want to depend the rest of my life with her if that counts we been together for 10 months now


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  • no such thing... lust at first site sure... but you can't love someone without knowing anything about them


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