Any chance she accepts going out with me after this?

I've started feeling attracted to a girl in my french class, we get along, laugh and joke etc. So, yesterday I arrived thirty minutes before my class, 10 minutes later she arrived too. I was wearing a suit and as the wheather was cold I was also wearing a coat and the she told me, "oh, so handsome" and bla bla bla. After that she sat and so did I, and while talking I mentioned something about my birthday which was the last week and she said "and you didn't invite me? so bad you didn't invite me" and stuff like that. And finally she kind of scolded me because I hadn't read a book for homework. She told me "why are you complaining about the book, anyway you never do homework, and I asked her "are you scolding me? And lastly she said "yes, I am". This happened a month ago, but things haven't changed too much about it. Is it worth asking her out after this?


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  • It's called a 'shit-test'. This is built into women - learn how to deal with them or suffer at their peril. Google it.

    • Just googled and it makes sense to me. She may have been testing me all this time.

    • It's what they do - hardwired. They are constantly judging and testing you for fitness - are you fit to be able to stand up to her and for her. They'll shit-test you 'till you die - unless you learn to recognize it for what it is and are able to address them.
      You can treat them as nonesense and tell them so. You can use amused mastery - where you make it look like some kind of joke, or even agree and amplify - which really makes them sound ridiculous.
      Rollo has good info on dealing with shit-tests - go here and search, read:
      It took twenty years before my second wife quit doing this - and only because I finally wised up to what it was about.

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