Is it weird to date a previous teacher?

I finished school 2 years ago. And I've kept in contact with friends but also very few teachers. Mainly due to the clubs I was in and activities I handled. One of the teachers. she's (27 now) seemed to see me as a favorite student of hers. We spoke a lot. Even during breaks and she helped with club activities. Now recently we started talking on Whatsapp again and her messages feel alittle extra friendly. She has also invited me to have drinks with her some time. Now im not sure if this is to catch up or something more. I always did have slight crush on her and now im turning 21 and she's 27. So do you think you should never date your past teachers or would it be fine...


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  • It is not weird now. If you want to, why not?

    • I just dont wana make her feel embarrassed and embarissing myself if im reading her wrong. Since she's been one of my favorite people to talk to. So dont want to ruin that by wrong assumption

    • She wouldn't want to spend so much time with you, if she just wanted catch up... She wants more, you feel it right.

    • Kinda. But it's also a situation where I don't know how many students she's kept in contact with. You get some teachers with just like seeing how their students turn out. But maybe you right

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  • If she’s not your teacher anymore it’s not that weird. But I feel like it’s more of her being friendly since women don’t typically go for men 6 years younger. Like I wouldn’t ask her about a relationship unless you were sure cuz it could get really awkward lol

    • I dont plan to. The thing is. Knowing her personality. She was even open about her sex life at times. So for all I know. Maybe she would be looking for hookup. But again im not going to make assumptions. She could just be being friendly. I don't wana risk embarrassing her and myself. But also don't want a chance to slip by

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  • Ladies love a little confidence.. Ask her indirectly..

    Either hit on her, "so how do you feel about drinks at your place"... or just go with it, "just the two of us? Or is there something you are planning?"

    • Well im sure she already means just us too and she's offered me drinks. So im wondering if when I go if i should go there with attitude to just catch up and talk or have a goal to be alittle more flirty

    • It's tricky coz if she just wants a friend and you head in a direction of something else, it might push her away.. And if she wants you to initiate, but u don't deliver, you miss the chance..

      My take would be to bring this very subject up. She might be just as confused. This is because you used to talk about these things anyway.

      You could start by probing "are you single?", and if she is "Plan to do something about it, or just love the life?".. Maybe she's asking you out for drinks coz she needs you opinion on some guys in her life, so probing is always a safe bet..

    • Smart idea. I won't go in assuming she wants to date or hookup. But i won't go in thinking it's only just a friendly catch up

  • i would say no its not and just do what feels right just do what your heart says always follow your heart and never let anyone say diffrent as long as you and her are happy thats all that matters

    • Feeling them postive vibes. Thank you. But im more concerned of ruining an already good relationship if im reading her wrong

  • You're no longer her student, I don't think it's weird.

    • I guess so. But usually teachers feel differently. And see people as their students even years after

  • it can really depend , as the age difference here isn't that significant , as she's in her 20's , although its possible she's just being friendly , do you actually know if she's single or not?

    • Exactly. I don't know if she's being nice or flirty. Always been hard to tell with her. Cause she's pretty open when we spoke. But I do know that she is single

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