Why did he do this?

So there's this guy who knows I like him for while now. He tried really hard to talk to me and even encroached my social circle to get to know all my friends. He intentionally stayed after class to talk to me. His face lights up whenever he sees me. Not gonna describe every single thing, but basically he showed all the signs that guy would be if he was interested in me.
One day, I was happy enough to give him my number. He responded well and was very delighted. Then during the week after that, he started pretending to not notice me. He didn't call or text either.

Then when I confronted him and asked for his number, he gave me a nonsense reply "I have your number already" but I asked again. He finally was forced to reply "I have a girlfriend but if you wanna hangout, then that'll be great. I can gave you my number."

I said "No. I'm sorry" with the strangest expression on my face and immediately left.
Why would he do such a thing to lead me on like that? I'm a decent person and I can't imagine ever doing that to someone.


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  • I hate to say it this way, but some men like to pursue a woman simply with the intention to get her number or more. Just to prove they can. I think that maybe what this particualr gentleman did as he already knew you liked him. I'm sorry if that is the case.


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