How do I get a bf?

I’m 22 years old lady, senior in college. I’ve still never had a boyfriend and I don’t know where my dating life is heading. Everyone around my age has at least somehow dated so I’m just feeling lost. I tried online dating for a long while and it turned out to be rather weird and nasty. So far, I still haven’t met a guy that I actually liked.

I tried giving people my number at college but my shyness turns some guys off and I just recently got tricked and led on by some guy who secretly has a girlfriend. It’s a really sick thing to do to someone but I’m over it. My college is also a commuter school where people don’t really have an incentive to make friends so its pretty always feels like a ghost town. I don’t really have much of a social life but I would love one.

I’m not here to brag but I am one of the most decent, kindest people you will ever meet. I have a few guy friends who know me inside out and they would not hesitate to date me. Unfortunately, none of the mare my type at all. Physically wise, I am pretty cute and decent looking.

I’m just here for some advice on how I can get a boyfriend OUTSIDE of school. Of course I will not give up talking to guys within school but I’m not gonna limit myself to just college. Is there anything I can do? I tend to gravitate towards intelligent, educated, professionals rather than the less educated.
How do I get a bf?
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