Why do men want women to stop abortions?

According to every fact and definition to the words, abortion, murder, embryo, and fetus. It is NOT murder. The fetus/embryo is not even human yet. Yes it has human DNA, but it has NOT developed eyes, emotions, or organs. It is just a lump of tissue until it hits 7-9 months. Why do women, who are not ready for mother hood yet because they are either too young and/or can’t support themselves, should be shamed for getting an abortions? Do you men just want to ruin our future of finishing high school or college? Cause you can’t go to school and support yourself while your pregnant. Or is it because you men are slowly losing power over women? And you just think you should trap us by getting us pregnant. If you had to put your future, hopes, and dreams on hold because someone knocked you up, would you chose the lump of tissue that isn’t even a human yet or your whole life ahead of you? If a woman is not ready, can’t support herself and/or is too young, should her hopes and dreams be put on hold because of someone knocking her up? Vote.
  • If she is not ready or doesn’t want children, then she should get an abortion
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  • Imma deny all the facts jizzed on my face and still say abortion is murder. She needs to keep it and not go to school! Murder! ((You sound like an idiot))
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  • I don’t care. Women’s body, women’s choice.
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  • Human development begins at fertilization, the process during which a male gamete or sperm (spermatozoo development) unites with a female gamete or oocyte (ovum) to form a single cell called a zygote. This highly specialized, totipotent cell marked the beginning of each of us as a unique individual.”

    Unlike other cells containing human DNA – sperm, ovum and skin cells, for instance – the newly fertilized embryo has complete inherent capacity to propel itself through all stages of human development, providing adequate nutrition and protection is maintained. Conversely, sperm and ovum are differentiated parts of other human organisms, each having their own specified function. Upon merging, both cease to exist in their current states, and the result is a new and whole entity with unique behavior toward human maturity. Similarly, skin cells contain genetic information that can be inserted into an e nucleated ovum and stimulated to create an embryo, but only the embryo possesses this self-directed inherent capacity for all human development.
    Considering this, life starts at conception.
    I support abortion in cases of rape, medical and if the mother herself is poor so it is not a burden on anyone else. In the United States, the cost to raise one child is almost 240 thousand dollars.

    • That is all I’m saying. Abortion is the right choice if a woman is not financially ready, was raped, in bad health, or still in school too young. It’s not a bad thing.

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    • I see... but I’m not religious on these kinds of things. I’d actually rather follow facts the rest of my life.

    • Neither am I. But that doesn't mean I am going to say that she should stop just because I believe something

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  • I'm pro choice. None of my business what people do with their bodies and as far as I'm concerned, that fetus is a part of the woman's body until it's been expelled.

    I used to be 100% pro life until I thought about how I'd feel if I had an unwanted pregnancy and I concluded that I'd either abort or kill myself if the abortion option were taken away from me.

    So... as far as I'm concerned, the only man who gets a say is the one who's sperm is responsible for the fetus. And even then, he only gets 49% of the vote 'cause his body isn't the one being ripped apart and destroyed by the thing.

    • Someone sees the light. I mean... no woman wants to put their future hopes and dreams and dream job on hold because of a stupid man that just loves sex. I wanna be able to support myself before supporting another life. I can’t see why men wanna have something that is not even gonna benefit them.

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  • Poll option B is funny.

    46 chromosomes is human life, 23 is a recipe from one parent for human life, two different things.

    The moment there is heartbeat there is life, from thenceforth it is classified as murder, as an atheist I care not for what religion says. But the moment there is heartbeat there is a life.

    Personally, I support abortion when it is necessary, for example the parent being too young/financially unstable, cases of rape/incest et cetera.

    Mainly because it would cost more in welfare if it were left alive, so mothers should be able to terminate their children so they don't suck up tax payers money when they're a single parent.

    Abortions however also cost money at the expense of the tax payer. It can be averted with making condoms free which are cheap to provide.

    Last year in the United Kingdom 185,596 abortions were performed 98% of these were funded by the NHS

    The total cost for the the earliest is £470

    The total cost for the latest is £1530

    These are private costs, i'll assume the NHS costs around the same by the taxpayer's money.

    Since 2% of abortions are paid for privately we'll knock off 2% which is 3,712

    So that's 181,884 abortions within the UK last year

    181,884 * 470 = £85,485,480

    £85 million it costed at the LOWEST POSSIBLE cost of the taxpayer

    181,884 * 1530 = £278,282,520

    £278 million at the HIGHEST cost possible for the tax payer

    As you can see, abortion is costly for the state. We want people having less mistakes which requires education and condoms are cheap to provide.

    (source: gov. uk)

    • Why do I find atheists men more attractive than crazy religious men? This is why! You are amazing and so chill!!! And yes it is necessary when caused by rape, or can’t be supported. But... when my mom had to put her future on hold because of me... and my dad wanting to gut her like a fish when he found out she was prego with me. I felt like it was my fault that she never got to become a lawyer. When it was really just my stupid hormonal teen dad

    • It wasn't your fault, it was her decision to make to keep you. Why would her decision be your fault?

    • I know it’s not my fault or my moms fault that she grew attached to me. I was her one way ticket out of California and away from my insane dad

  • If you're not ready to accept the consequences of sex, you shouldn't be having sex. Abortion shouldn't be the go-to solution in any situation you described. If your life, livelihood, education, job, money and future are so goddamn important KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS! It's actually really easy to do, even easier than pregnancy or abortion.

    • So are you blaming rape victims that don’t want rapist babies? Wow. Hypocrite. And there are things called broken condoms. And accidents and not being financially ready to support the child. And you can’t finish school while pregnant so adoption is out since you can’t go to school. If you try to support something while you can’t even support yourself. The child will suffer anyway! It’s not me or women you should be shaming... or rape victims. Blame SOME men that can’t keep it in their fucking pants! Abortion is the right choice if you happen to get raped, not in good health to even carry a baby, and/or not financially ready. Adoption is out, cause while a woman is pregnant, she can not attend school. She can not finish it and get to her goals. Abortions are not wrong.

    • Broken condoms don't happen when you're not having sex. Abstinence solves every "problem" caused by consensual sex. Rape & incest are obvious exceptions, but they are the drastic minority in abortion cases. Also, I never excused the bad behavior of men. You're the one who wrote your question as though pregnancy is something that just magically happens to good girls who value everything except sex & babies. It takes two to get pregnant. If you're just being irresponsible and selfish, abortion shouldn't be an option. Any man or woman who abandons a pregnancy or child should be castrated.

    • Are you just mad that I’m right and you men are losing control over women? Cause I’m not Christian or Catholic. And this is based on facts that I took time out of my day to look up. It may be easy for you. But most people can’t help but like sex. Liking it is natural. Don’t blame the biology of liking sex. They don’t think of the consequences. And I know it won’t happen to me. I’m talking about women being shamed and called shit because they aren’t ready, were raped, man left/doesn’t want the baby, and being too young. You can not blame the natural process on life. I am saying abortion is not wrong if she is not ready. It’s not the mans choice. We are carrying it. We have to suffer. We have to go through 12 hours of labor just because a tiny bit of a mans sperm fertilized one egg. We carry the life, you are just sperm donors.

  • Only the ones who are religious nutcases. I am a man, and I am pro-choice

    • I’m in love with you X3 Lol. And yes true. If men were pro choice... Maybe women will love y’all more XD for not ruining their future and goals

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    • @MidnightCowboy please address the fact fetuses feel pain, does this affect your opinion at all?

    • @Eliza_Jones19 I don't know where you get the idea that the fetus can feel pain at the time most abortions occur, because over 60% of abortions in the USA happen before the 8th week of gestation (6 weeks since fertilisation) and nearly 90% before the 12th. But the science says that fetuses can't feel pain until well after the 20th week, by which time more than 98.7% of abortions have occurred.

  • This is a hard topic but in the end it's the womens choice to either go for an abortion or not. It's no ones right to force a woman to have or not have an abortion.
    It has even been proven that women , who were forced into an abortion they didn't want or had the time to make the choice themselves , suffer from psycological traumas.

    In the end its their child how ever small or insignificant.

  • Because people are uneducated and don't care to educate themselves on a subject.

    • And another train ticket to bunch of pussy vile. Women do prefer men that support them and that are smart on the actual facts..!~ like you! You are to be an amazing boyfriend for the girl of ur dreams

  • probably the same reason men aren't allowed to abort their parental rights. If men can't do it, women shouldn't be allowed to either.

    • Then why the fuck did my dad want to gut my mom like a fish even when I had a heartbeat that I had no memory of and signed off his rights from me? Tell me that white trash that won’t burn...

  • I don't. Do whatever you fancy whether it's abortion or not. What others do is none of my concern

  • It's Murder and it's a fact, not a political view, a provable fact.

    • Lemme guess... your Christian... or catholic? What if she was raped? Where is her choice? If I had a rapists baby growing in me.. I wouldn’t want it. Look up some facts before I spit them at you like fire. I want facts, not your opinions that you think are facts

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    • What if the woman was raped and she didn’t want it? What if she couldn’t support it? The baby will grow up in a bad environment if the parents can’t take care of it anyway. And there are abortion pills that get it out before it even gets a heart beat so lemme still hear about how it is still murder if it has a heart beat..! Cause I am throwing out facts and most people are being hypocrites about it. Abortion pills get rid of it before it has a heartbeat. So lemme heat the excuse of its murder cause it has a heartbeat. Men just wanna trap the women with them is that it? Why would a woman wanna stay with a man who won’t support her choices that she isn’t ready yet? Here’s your ticket to no pussy vile.

    • I repeat, the answer is this, would you kill a 1 month old baby, for any of the reasons you just mentioned?

      Rape is not an excuse for free abortion, less than 1% of abortion are based on rape or incest.

  • I had no idea. It ws like that. Do whatevr you want with your body

    • If you men were supportive of abortions, instead of waiting nine months to make love with the woman you love. She will love to make love with you when ever you want for supporting her. To sum it, she will freaking love how you supported her.

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    • Because I think of te consequences of having sex. He doesn’t think of how I would feel about not finishing school. He just wants it to be alive... and what will he do after it’s born anyway? It will cost more money to take care of it rather than aborting it and waiting till we can support ourselves...

    • Younare right. You both are kids yourselves. How can you take care of babies. So much burden financially and if you won't finish school
      You won't have good job

  • Because they feel that it’s morally unethical because the two sides had a different idea on what constitutes as human life

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  • Not all men, but some think women are their property

  • It can feel pain.

  • I always thought this for myself... "ooh maybe these people was not a fetus themselves so yeah if they were never a fetus so they have right to kill one"
    And im sorry to hear that you're the one who's not ready yet to be a mother so why you did the deed then? didn't you know doing the "deed" without protection makes you preggo?
    It's not only in one side fault, both sided are on fault. When you decided to do the "deed" please also thought about the risk.

    • I know. I mean other women... that are being shamed because the men just can’t stop having sex. They are biologically designed to reproduce with every women they see. I use three times the protection. I’ll be fine. 75% chance is great

    • And what if the woman was raped. Where is her choice?

    • Very sorry if it's from criminalisation act. :(
      I thought you will ask this, so my answer is im not sure about this. I guess it was ok to kill the baby because it must be hard for a woman to bear a child from someone she might be hate forever. It won't end well for both the mother and child. But it's her choice if she wants to keep it or not.

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