Why do men want women to stop abortions?

According to every fact and definition to the words, abortion, murder, embryo, and fetus. It is NOT murder. The fetus/embryo is not even human yet. Yes it has human DNA, but it has NOT developed eyes, emotions, or organs. It is just a lump of tissue until it hits 7-9 months. Why do women, who are not ready for mother hood yet because they are either too young and/or can’t support themselves, should be shamed for getting an abortions? Do you men just want to ruin our future of finishing high school or college? Cause you can’t go to school and support yourself while your pregnant. Or is it because you men are slowly losing power over women? And you just think you should trap us by getting us pregnant. If you had to put your future, hopes, and dreams on hold because someone knocked you up, would you chose the lump of tissue that isn’t even a human yet or your whole life ahead of you? If a woman is not ready, can’t support herself and/or is too young, should her hopes and dreams be put on hold because of someone knocking her up? Vote.
If she is not ready or doesn’t want children, then she should get an abortion
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Imma deny all the facts jizzed on my face and still say abortion is murder. She needs to keep it and not go to school! Murder! ((You sound like an idiot))
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I don’t care. Women’s body, women’s choice.
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Why do men want women to stop abortions?
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