Is it okay to be friends with my ex?

Okay so My ex and I used to be super best friends before we were dating, then we got together and three months later we broke up. 2 months after the break up I started dating my current boyfriend. Well my ex came back from boot camp (marines) and noticed I had a new guy. Of course he was hurt, shit was said, we had a big blow out argument but then we ended on good terms. Now he’s back and my boyfriend asked me to block him. For a while I did but I ended up feeling bad and wanted to become his friend again because I missed our friendship. So he called me one day and I accepted the call. My boyfriend was furious. And then it happened again and again he was angry. Now today he messaged my ex telling him it was okay for us to be friends because he didn’t want to get in the way of us being best friends. I don't know... I don’t ever see a problem with people being friends with their exes. Especially in our case because we both forget about the relationship... we really only focus on the friendship... so is it okay for us to be friends or should I drop it?
Is it okay to be friends with my ex?
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