Would you be put off dating a girl with an eating disorder?

I have binge eating disorder. I've been struggling with it for a few years now and it got worse when my ex-boyfriend split up with me (the break-up was mainly due to the eating disorder and relying on him too much to help me with it). I go through different periods where I try to lose weight, eat really healthily and do lots of exercise, and then other periods where I feel out of control and constantly binge on unhealthy foods and consequently put all the weight I've lost back on. I feel very ashamed and embarrassed about this. I'm currently overweight and weighing heavier than I have ever done before. I'm a size 18 at the moment whereas I used to be a healthy size 12. I've received help from doctors and psychotherapists but it's hard to see me ever getting over this problem, although I do try to stay positive and am willing to accept any help. I think the binging is triggered by stress and as I'm in my final year at university and also lost my boyfriend it has been rather stressful recently. I'm a nice, friendly girl with a lot of love to give the right person, but I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to take on a girl with these sort of issues or would they put you off? Thanks for your time x


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  • There might be guys that are willing to take on a girl like you with these sort of issues, but generally no. If you are unhealthy and if you are struggling with eating issues it might be hard for you to have a relationship. For now, I think you need to get help and get better, that is what is important right now. Once you reach the point where you are better, you should try looking for a guy. Best of luck.

    • Agreed. Work on loving yourself before you try loving others. Good luck! And I hope you get better.