Should I message him?

I have been dating a guy from my college for about a month now. We go on dates about once a week maybe a little more often and have a great time. He stayed over for the first time last week. He's said he can really see us going forward etc. I saw him last Wednesday for a sleepover but then I went home for winter break on Friday. We wanted to see each other again before I went home but his finals revision meant he didn't have time. Anyway we said we would hang out again after the holidays, and had been texting daily and quite a lot last week, when before it was a little less frequent. Saturday I text him a funny meme but he wasn't too chatty, however I knew he was busy with his friends. Then he drunk text me Saturday night that he missed me. I replied Sunday morning with a cute text but he never replied. Now its been 2 days with no contact... am I being crazy for worrying? When should I text him if he doesn't get in touch? What do you think is up? Is he being rude?


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  • He's probably a little embarrassed. Sure, message him. Maybe even mention you thought the drunk text was cute (if you thought so). If he doesn't respond again, then just wait for him to.
    Everything's probably fine, he's just nursing his ego a little. Give him a good pet and he'll start purring.


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