Based if these texts, what do I have to do to get this girl?

I know this girl had a huge crush on me last year. She was really chasing me, but I never really realized and responded in kind, and so I'm pretty sure she started to lose interest.

that was last school year. Even form the very first day of this year she still flirted and showed interest in me, so I starting showing interest back. This went on for a while, and I probably waited too long to actually ask her, because when I asked her she said this :

i love you! your so fun to talk to but now is not really a good time  I'm really sorry I hope you understand. 

I said I understood and I like being friends, but I also said I hope to do something in a few weeks "when the time is right", to which she called me cute and said definitely yes

I feel like she still does have feelings. It's been a month and we've continued to talk and flirt a lot. The past week or so, I decided to back off a little. I stopped contacting her/ talking to her in school. I let her notice me having fun with other girls. I notice her glancing my way a lot more than she used to lately.

I texted her out of the blue earlier, and of course I'm going to talk to her in school tomorrow as well. This was our conversation :

me : I need your help! My gingerbread house is caving in and I don't know how to fix it. How do you repair a gingerbread house?

Her : haha oh no!!! Use some icing and glue it back together

I'm pretty sure I ate all the icing while I was building the house

lmao that's literally me

did you make one this year?

no I didn't I wanted to though

aw you could have made one with me. I'll teach you the techniques of an advanced crafter

lmao yea

what are you doing for Christmas this year?

Having family over what about you?

we stopped texting after that cause I went to see a movie and it got late, but what is the general feel of those texts. Does it sound like she was happy to hear from me? How should I continue this in person to build excitement up again and get the date with her?


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  • This is what’s going on: she likes you but right now she’s going through something and she would prefer for it to be over before getting involved with you. The best thing to do is to not push it ( if you push it you will push her away) and be just a very good and understanding friends right now. In a few months, like 6, ask her how she feels about you again

    • Thanks, but the problem is i dont have 6 months to spend.
      Im going to college after this senior year. she's a sophmore.
      In fact, one of my friends also liked her. Now i dont know if this was an excuse or not but when he asked her out she said she was worried about what happens when he goes off to college, which could also apply to me.

      Because of these reasons, im trying to get her on board as soon as possible. I was going to tell her i know that sttff might be complicated and stuff might be going on, but i want to give it a shot with her.

  • Ah, that's little information to base such thing on. it depends on her really, for me I catch myself acting like that all the time. But someone who doesn't usually, you would have a good chance. Go for it! 😊

    • he's a little more info then :

      She said she would have went to prom with me
      She said we were practically dating
      Always smiled, eye contact, hair playing

      Her interest in me fell when i didn't like her back, but when i started showing interest this school year, her feelings for me returned.

      After i asked her out, I cut contact with her for a week. Then i told her i missed talking. She said the same thinf, and since weve been hot and cold.

      Some weeks she seems really interested, some weeks she goes a little cold on me. We still talk and have fun but some of the magic may have gone.

      I asked for her # three days ago and she gave it without hesitation. Before thst, we talked more on

      I think the problems are these two :
      - 1 . Weve been interested in each other during different times

      She liked me last year and i wasn't as interested. She liked me this year but other guys were talking to her too. I liked her this year but she has stuff going on.

      2 . I waited too long / didn't make a move

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