Was it something I said or am I overthinking?

Got a second date with a girl this Thursday. She initiates contact with me everyday and replies with great detail, flirts, etc.

If I take 1-2 hours to reply, she'll only take around 5-10 minutes but she understands I'm busy.

However she didn't reply goodnight when she has previous days. Just wondering if it was something I said or am I overthinking?

Here is the end of the conversation: Was it something I said or am I overthinking?


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  • I don’t think it would be anything you said if most of your conversation goes like that. She could’ve been extremely tired and fell asleep straight away
    Her phone might of died?
    She could’ve been distracted with something else to do maybe
    I wouldn’t overthink it too much. If it becomes a habit of her not saying it then talk to her about it.

    • Actually I do recall a few days ago she did the same and replied back the following morning saying by the time she saw it she wanted to wait until the next morning incase she woke me up.

      I was worried if it was because I said "But I can think of something cosier"

    • If you’re worried about it, I’d suggest talking to her, ask if it was something you said, only she knows the real reason she didn’t answer.

  • You responded almost an hour later so she could’ve been busy doing something at that point. That’s usually the case for me if I don’t text someone back right away after they took a while to respond

    • I guess so. It happened a few days ago where I responded an hour-ish later and it was late. She replied back the following morning saying by the time she saw my text she assumed I was asleep and didn't want to wake me up. I'll be guessing it's that.

    • Oh that makes perfect sense.

    • We'll know if something is up because she hasn't gone a day without contacting me, so if I hear nothing tomorrow then I'll have my answer. Thanks for your reply!

  • what does 'I can tell.. can't wait for my date with a block of cheese' mean?

    • She's obsessed with cheese, we talk about it quite a bit so was making a joke that she'd turn into one and I'd be going on a date with a block of cheese

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    • Fair point! So if a guy texted you something that could be taken out of context, you wouldn't be put off just like that? I know she showed positive signs like kissing my face off on our date and sending lengthy texts, emojis, asking questions, initiating, etc.

    • haha! yes that is right, I wouldn't be put off easily. She is definitely into you.

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