Brother needs help with chick?

So my brother is 14 years old, tho he looks around 16 and is quite mature for his age. He has a crush on this chick at the gym, only problem is that she’s 19. He’s worried that if he acts on it she will just reject him in front of everyone. He asked me for advice but I have no fucking clue on what to say.


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  • Tell him to give up. No 19 year old girl is interested in a 14 year old.


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  • I feel like he’s setting himself up for rejection. Most 19 year old girls aren’t interested in 14 year old boys

    • That’s what I thought, thanks mate

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  • Tell him to go for it. He needs to learn how to deal with rejection while he's young or he'll just avoid it all his life.

  • I just posted this a few minutes ago on another post but It applies here too.

    He has two options.

    1) ask a bunch if strangers on the internet if she's interested

    2) ask the girl if she's interested

  • Tell him to try it. There is nothing he can lose if he gets rejected. I got rejected in the gym by a girl too and I am still alive.


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