Is this a good second date idea for a guy I'm seeing?

For the first date I went around his town and went mini golfing and then to this park and showed me all of the important places in his life and it went so well. He's coming to my town next week and I was planning on taking him bowling and then to this outdoor mall where we could grab dinner and then take him to the top of one of the buildings and look at Christmas lights. After I was going to show him all of the important places in my life and end it there. Is that a good idea?

Also the first time he paid for everything and I don't want him to spend a lot of money would it be nice to pay for dinner or bowling or would that ruin his masculinity since he's a very traditional gentleman? He did ask me on the date but I want to do something nice for him since he did so much for me the first time.

Also I'm 18 and he's 19 fyi


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  • Sounds really good. It would get me. You should try to pay for something. It shows that you aren't interested only in free food, but he probably won't let you pay.


What Girls Said 1

  • He's in your neighborhood. That means you're hosting him. That'll be your excuse to settle a bill without "ruining his masculinity" like you mentioned. You both came up with good plans for your 1st & 2nd dates.
    You're both on the right track.


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