How should a guy first message a girl he matches with on a online dating site? tinder, POF, okcupid, etc?


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  • I've had some right stupid messages full of weird people on there but genually something more likely to grab my attention is usually a well thought out message talking a little bit about themselfs and and the sort of person he is quite well thought out questions to the female anything that is not work or money or driving related more to do with there hobbies if anything. something that says your more of a man who has a genuin interest and not a boy trying to pass time lol


What Guys Said 2

  • Dont bother with POF. Its full with time wasters and shallow women. doesn't work.

    Okcupid same story...

    Tinder used in begining until it got all about money...

    Best way is club or cafe. Socialize more...

    • the three girls I've met the last 2 weeks beg to differ, i just always want more

    • Lucky you then. Could help you with getting the best of 3.

      And who doesn't want women at their feet? Lol. Always nice to have more

  • With a dick pic.

    JK. Just send a whazzup kind of message.


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