Does he like me or am I an idiot?

So there's a guy that lives in my neighborhood. We've been friends for 2-3 years but he was dating someone so I never tried to get further than just friends. When him and his girlfriend were on a break he liked me but they got back together. Recently they completely broke up.. over me. His girlfriend was getting jealous of how close he was to me and how often he visits me so he said he was tired of her and broke it off. Lately we've been talking a lot more. He texts me at all times throughout the day and he even actually made me cookies when I wasn't feeling well. He always sits close to me, playfully teases/fights me, and messages me at least once a day to see how I am. He's also suddenly become really interested in my love life. Im pretty sure he likes me but he hasn't said anything to me and I don't want to mess anything up.
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  • You can tell a mile distance he likes you...

    • Im really oblivious so I had to ask

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    • @i_am_shyvana That legit happened to me this year! My friend was always super close with this guy but I assumed they were just close friends then one day she kisses him on the lips and she saw my expression and said "you know we're dating right?" and it threw me off so badly.

    • lolololol we must just be completely blind

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  • jesus that boy is obsessed. if he broke up with his girlfriend over you, he likes you. if he made you cookies and is interested in your love life, yea he likes you


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  • He likes you.


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