How to deal with being long distance for a little while?

My boyfriend of two months and I are long distance while I'm home for Christmas break (It's only about a month long, but still feels like forever). We saw each other the night before I left, but we both already miss each other. It has only been 5 days so far and I'm already ready to go back to school so I can see him again.

We text everyday at the same times we would if I were out there and we post on snapchat so we can see each other's faces.

What can we do to not miss each other so much, we are both going a little crazy already and every night before bed we send our "xoxo 😙😙 i miss you" texts.


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  • Just try to stay busy and it's good you and him stay in touch. Don't let the distance get you down. It's only temporally. Once you go back to school you will see him again.


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