Would you be mad if your cousin kissed your ex?

My exs cousin kissed me... I told him 10 times that it wouldn't happen just outta respect and he did it anyways.. so one of my exs family members told him about it and now they told me his pissed off... Why would my ex be mad about it?


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  • How long have you been single from your ex? Where/how did the cousin kiss you? Did you kiss him back? What made your ex cousin feel comfortable enough to kiss you? Most men will not just kiss their cousin's ex without some encouragement? Were y'all flirting with each other? Seems like you wanted it to happen because most women will not tell their ex's family member they will not kiss them outta respect for their ex. How many of his family members was around when he kissed you?

    I'm NOT gonna come out and just call you a hoe (even tho I think you are), but you do have hoe tendencies.

    I had a couple of relatives and friends hit on women I've dealt with/deal with... I cut them off. I only deal with them if I truly have to.

    • Ok first of all there's two sides to every story and I'm not a hoe.

      My ex broke up with me three months ago. We were at a game with three of his family members and two of my family members. (One of my exs family members is married to one of my family members) Four of us went to the bathroom I came out of the bathroom at the same time my exs cousin did and was just making small talk and he kissed me after that I turned around to avoid him and saw my family member and his behind me. When we went back to our seats the family member told my ex.

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    • The reason I think he's getting hickey all over too is because we only slept together three times in four months he told me he was in a relationship that was all about sex and it didn't work so he didn't want to do that with me... I think the hickey are a way of rubbing that in my face..

    • He probably doesn't care, but he might show some type of interest in you like how he did when he found out his cousin kissed you. I'm guessing he doesn't want you to be with any guys while he parade hickies in your face etc...

      I'm sorry you went through that abusive and miscarriage. Don't take this the wrong way, but it was probably a blessing you didn't have his baby considering how he treated you.

      Did you tell any of your relatives or his about what happened to you?

      He probably was mad too from not having sex with you often in those four months y'all was together.

      How come you didn't sleep with him more? I'm hoping it was bc he was abusive.

      If you want continue talking about this outside of this app, you can get my contact info just send me a private message.

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  • Most important here is that you said you didn't want to and he did it. Man that sounds like an aggression in the legal term of the thing :x

  • No clue, I don't give a shit whoever does anything with an ex of mine. It's my ex, so they're not in a relationship with me anymore.

  • Tell him her/him to grow up


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