Is it true nice guys finish last?


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  • I think that quote more implies to the girl you are trying to get. Girls love nice guys but a lot of them also prefer a guy that will give them a challenge, so if you’re just extremely nice and don’t give a girl somewhat of challenge in the relationship. Yes a nice guy does finish last but not all, some girls really like just extremely nice guy.


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  • Only if you're "nice"

    • I am a nice guy just wondering what girls think about bad and good guys

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    • Well I like to think I’m a nice guy I’ve never been a dick to anyone

    • Then you probably won't finish last

  • I don’t think so , obviously there are girls who prefer bad boys , but I can assure you something , a relationship with a nice guy is way better , will last longer and it’s “healthier” . Bad boys are usually attractive but that’s all ( not throwing shade at them or anything , I know there are bad boys that are actually very very good guys but try to hide it with their “ bad boy” appearance), nice guys are the ones who get to your heart :) .

    • That’s the best opinion on here yet and plus I don’t care what people think I’m a good guy and I like appealing to a girl not to look cool towards my friends

    • Thanks ! Then you don’t have to worry about anything !! Sooner or later , a lot of girls will realize how worthy you are

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