Girls, Be completely honest because many of us are not on this topic. How much do looks matter in a guy to you?

  • not at all. I could care less
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  • Only a bit but its no dealbreaker
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  • It matters some
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  • It maters but he doesn't have to anything special
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  • It maters a lot but personality is more important if he is cute enough to get that far
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  • He needs to be really cute and looks are super important.
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  • If he does not look perfect to me then I don't want him. I only care for looks.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Looks matter to me (not as much as personality though) but they don't matter in the way one might thing. I don't like "conventially attractive" guys. My boyfriend took my breath away because of everything, his personality was great and he was my kind of hot. So... that's my two cents.


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What Girls Said 3

  • It's important, but I don't think that's a revolutionarily concept. Guys will not get into relationships with people they don't find attractive, so why would women?

  • It matters a lot

  • You have to be at least average looking for me to even get to know you.


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