Looks, Personality, or Money?

So I am a big guy. However; I dance almost 5 to 6 days a week doing Salsa, Bachata, or Polynesian dancing. In other words, I am very active. I am always on the go, and always moving. I work on a ranch on some days or spend time hiking to new and beautiful views.

Whenever I go out to social dance I am always greeted and treated with kindness. Not to brag, I am always asked to dance by different women who I respect. One particular night, I was asked by a gorgeous young woman to dance, and I obliged and danced with her. We have become friends and now have had a conversation about what is mostly looked for in a man. She named the three top important things that a woman looks for in a man from what is most important to least. She came up with Looks, Personality, and Money. Would anyone agree with this?


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  • Yeah that sounds about right, but personality and money are often interchangeable. You won't believe how many women talk about how "sweet" their rich boyfriends are! ;-)

    • Kool, I've always thought that money and Looks were interchangeable. The reason being that some, or few, if not all woman would go with a guy who didn't have the looks but had the money, you know?

    • Right, I would actually say that money is the most important when the woman actually experiences it. Like if you just say "money" it doesn't mean anything to anyone, but when you go on a few trips, go shopping a few times, and get to experience all sorts of things that you never even knew existed, then money sort of shows it's value.

  • Sounds right for the average woman, some do look for other aspects as well.


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