I need boyfriend help part 1?

So I started talking to this guy about a month ago and only a couple of weeks ago we decided to go official. It was amazing our first date we went ice skating, food then drinks it ended up being 10 hours long. Second date we went to a Christmas market together then got cold and went back to his and one thing lead to another and we ended up having sex... Multiple times. Bearing in mind by this point we still weren't together exclusively so by the third date we'd gone for food and cooked together and just watched a load of films tried sex again but it hurt this time so we did other stuff and later on that day we decided to become exclusive. Now my boyfriend isn't huge on social media he doesn't have any of it at all no FB , insta snap or anything which doesn't bother me at all. On the third date while I was staying over he mentioned a guy who had messaged me while I was with my boyfriend the week before and asked what had happened and so I showed him the texts and after he became very cuddly and just all cute and sweet and when I asked why he just said " I've seen what you wrote " ( I shall continue the story in a new question ) .


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  • So he read your messages? Implying that he went through your phone?

    • Din make an update, just add an update to this one

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    • Well in that case you need to get the next part of the story, because this past doesn't give much unfortunately.

    • Which part of what story? There is a part one of all of this on my page

  • I need 10 mill part 1


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