Boyfriend help Part 2?

In the messages to the guy I had gone on about how my boyfriend was perfect he was smart and clever and kind and sweet and we enjoyed the same things but had enough differences to share opinions and have interesting conversations and that he just come out of a book or something that basically to me he was perfect. Now even before dating my boyfriend wasn't the greatest texter it'd take him hours to read or reply to texts but because he's always busy with uni , coursework and the gym. But recently it just seems like he's loosing interest maybe? Last weekend we were meant to go on a date and he called and cancelled said that he had to catch up on a lot of stuff for next week and that he was sorry but it'd have to be a pass. He would take longer and longer to reply or read up to 18 hours of not hearing from him at all and it's just like , I'm not someone who needs attention all the time and I understand he is busy but dropping a couple of texts in the morning or during the day would be nice , his replies seem shorter but he still asked me to dinner next weekend and said it'd have to be Friday because he leaves for Christmas on Friday night to go see family which is great for him. I just don't know if I've done something or if he is just stressed out with uni and stuff and I don't want to keep bothering him all the time so I just leave until I replied it just feels a bit like I'm always making an effort and sometimes get nothing back but I really actually like this one.
Boyfriend help Part 2?
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