When should one presume exclusivity?

I've been talking frequently with this girl but we won't see each other in person for a long time due to school. We've talked about seeing where things go when we are physically together. We've also talked about visiting each other beforehand.

I really like this person but I don't want a potential future thing to stop me from dating until we do next meet, because that'll be in like 4 months.

Given we've not talked exclusivity and we're very much just "we'll see what happens", is it OK for me to date other people in the meantime?


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  • That's the thing about successful couple : don't presume, communicate. And I guess if you're curious about exclusivity then it's time to you two to talk about it.

    May be weird at first but I honestly don't know how a couple could hope to go anywhere if the partners can't talk openly about their concerns !


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