Can Asian guys attractive to while girls? If the answer is yes, what's the Asian guys' superiorities over non-Asian guys?

i' m a Chinese actually and I will be going to the us for my university next fall. So I concern myself with the matter whether I can make a while girlfriend in the us. Yeah... that's of great importance for my college life.

then how do you white girls feel like Asian guys and what exactly the traits of us can be attractive to non-Asian girls?


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  • Why are Asians so obsessed with whites lol.
    Anyways your chances are slim unless she's a weeaboo or those annoying Kpop fans. As long as your not expecting an attractive white woman.


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  • I can tell you now that you won't do well with white British girls.
    Unless you are rich because they want that pampering you can give. If you can afford USA university then you have some level of wealth.
    Muscles won't hurt either. I see rich chinese and chinese in the gym with young white British girls.
    Based on my experience and observations.


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  • I've seen a handful of white girls who are into Asian men, not sure if any are on here though.


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