What did I do wrong? Crazy?

So I met this girl though a mutual friend. He had a get together that night. We clicked & exchanged numbers.

The next time we hung out, it was me, her and my friend. (So my friend was 3rd wheeling). We laid up & watched a movie, played pool.

She texted me immediately after we dropped her off saying “how much she had a great time, and how she finds me very attractive & how she loved every minute”.

We Snapchat, she tells me she “can’t get enough of me” she even screenshots my selfies I send to her.

Yesterday, I took her out & walked around the city. Looked at Christmas lights (she loves them). And had dinner. She texted me after I dropped her off saying “Hello :) Thank you for an amazing time! You’re a sweetheart and I’m looking forward to more dates with you (hopefully) lol “
We kissed, which was a perfect moment

Today when we texted, things seemed tiny different. She doesn’t screenshot my selfies, she acted weird. & When I told her goodnight, she said “night!!!” Instead if something cute like she always does.

What did I do wrong? I’m 20, turning 21.
She’s 23. She’s very attractive & gets a lot of attention. I don’t act needy/clingy. I give her genuine compliments in person. HELP
What did I do wrong? Crazy?
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