Will loners like me ever find love. It constantly breaks me down everytime I think il die alone coz I can't connect with the rest of the world?

Im a very big introverted guy who likes music , drawing, video games and biology more than going out to social events. I only have 1 true friend that i can enjoy with rest all are fake and dont really care about me. Even my own brother doesn't care much about me.
I always feel like this world has abandoned me so i have stopped trying to connect with the world. I dont approach people but i do talk to those who approach me. I want to make friends but not the ones that leave but the ones u can trust them with life. Am i destined to die alone. I've only been in love once and ended up getting used and friendzoned. I have never moved on or fallen for someone again.


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  • When you start thinking like this, it becomes true.
    You just need to find people you resonate with. Not everyone gets along with the same type of people. You need to understand yourself before others will understand you.
    Can you make changes? Sure, we all can. But true strength comes from knowing who you are and accepting it. When you do that, those who you connect with will gravitate towards you.
    Be positive. Be strong. Be confident. The world hasn't given up on you, you've given up on yourself. So get back on the horse and give yourself another chance!

    • Thank you for ur kind words. So u mean to say i should not change myself for the world and right people will come in my life?

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    • Well, you may have to start going to some social events. Try searching for ones that revolve around things you are truly interested in, and you are bound to find like-minded people. And who knows, maybe you'll meet someone special... 😊
      In any case, the best way to deal with being an introvert is to put yourself around others, so go for it!

    • Sure ↖(^_^)↗

  • Just keep doing what you're doing and eventually, you'll find Bae along the way👍


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