There is this guy, he is in 10th grade and I am in 8th. I think he likes me and I like him, but I don't know if he is too old for me. Please help?


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  • *"too old for me."

    “Acceptable” by whom?

    Me? You? Your parents? Your society?

    As far as societal norms go, the magnitude of the difference is usually between 0–14 years.

    There are exceptions, but there have always been exceptions only to be shunned, ridiculed, ostracized from the community. OR the ones that bag the maximum TRPs in Page 3 media.

    Read My Take.

    Subtle Dating Tips for Teen Girls. - Being a Good Indian ↗

    Hope Subtle Tips Help you.

    • Thank you, but if feel we have a lot of physical differences, and he is a LOT taller than me, so I feel like it would be weird...

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  • Physical differences are irrelevant unless you are taller than him.

    And most importantly keep this in mind before you invest yourself emotionally into him to a point of no turning back,
    Attraction and compatibility are totally different things.
    You two might me head over heels but that doesn't mean that you are compatible and vice versa.
    And relationships are destined to be doomed if they dont have both.

  • age does not matter in love


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