How can I break out of my shell and get noticed by girls?

I don't approach girls because I feel awkward around most girls. I don't know what to say or do. Because of this I have always been single. I hate that I have always been single but I don't know how to get girls. I think they notice me physically (i'm okay looking) but I don't think they think anything of me.


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  • It's a process of working on yourself first. Confidence comes within self. You won't get it from other people, it's not how it works. Yes, you can change your appearance and that may help, but I used to talk in the mirror and practice my mannerisms. Pretend you're in an interview on like a late night show. Practice your responses. This helped me a lot and I feel more confident in speaking to others. Realize that someone not liking you is NOT the end of the world. It won't help your confidence, but just convince yourself you dodged a bullet, there is a reason that didn't work out. Kid I used to like and turned me down, sells drugs, carries guns around now, and thinks he's from the hood. I'm glad he didn't like me back. So in some ways, rejection is good. Make your interests more notable, make them something most people know about you, people who like the same things will be drawn to you.

    • Problem is that I fear rejection because it has always happened to me. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses, my weaknesses hold me back.

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    • Getting noticed and/or seeing if she wants me to make a move

    • Welcome my friend. I hope it helps you crack that shell of yours. Goodluck!

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  • Be genuine
    Takes practice
    Don't chase them


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