Girls, how do I prove I'm not like all the other guys who just want sex and that I'm one of the nice guys?

Basically I'm a virgin, not by choice, just bad luck and not sure what is wrong with me as to why no girl goes out with me or why they reject me...

But when I talk to girls or try to get to know them personally, I'm always kind, honest and open with them, but they never stick around long enough for me to prove I'm not like most other guys who just want sex, I just want a meaningful/ happy relationship, but I've never had one...

I know I'm a shy and resevered person, and that I tend to keep myself to myself until I'm comfortable around them, and can trust them, but by the time I'm able to be myself, they either lose intrest or don't want anything to do with me and never know why.

What can I do to prove to girls I'm not a fuck boy and that I'm different from most other guys?

And why do girls think I am/ look like a fuck boy?


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  • Like my crush, he treats me differently from what other guys treat me
    Don't talk about sexual topics if she doesn't feel comfortable with that
    Be a good listener and listen to her problems
    Send her little things like a song, a flower or a small gift or even a video that you find funny
    Express yourself in a nice way, like hobbies, sports, movies, pet...
    If you have a pet, it will be easier to get close to a girl


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