Can’t talk to women because of high anxiety. Recommendations for less stressful environments?

Can someone recommend a less stressful environment where I can be less intimidated to meet women and where they are less intimidated to be approached by men?


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  • I feel like the best place to meet people are everyday daily places not bars and clubs.

    Cafes, supermarkets, even walking in the street! If you see a women you like you can smile and see if she does the same. If she does ask her a question.

    For example if your at the supermarket ask her if she knows where the fruit is. Something to get her talking. Women are more likely to talk to you if you seem nice and normal

    • It feels uncomfortable. How do I know a woman wants to be approached? I’m scared honestly.

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    • Even then they could reject you say they have a boyfriend etc. At which point you say 'oh ok nice talking to you' and leave.

      Don't fear rejection. It's part of asking people out. I've been rejected numerous times! I have anxiety and I over thought this so much but I pushed myself to not let it get to me. You gave to at least try even if your scared. Because before you know it you'll be older and writing this same question.

    • Please don't let life pass you by. My anxiety got pretty bad in the last two years and I stopped putting myself out there. Now I've wasted two years that I could have been dating approaching guys, having them approach me.

      So don't waste time! Good luck

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