I just broke up with a guy who lives 3 hours away and made little effort to get together. Then he says he’s not anywhere. What does this mean?

We’re not texting now and it’s been 2 weeks. I told him if and when he’s ready for a relationship to call me and he told me “I’m not going anywhere.” After initial date we only saw each other when I’d say I was moving on because 4-6 weeks would go by and no talk of making plans to get together or figure out how this could work. But he’s got time to see his buddies. He says I’m a catch, what gives?


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  • You're obviously not up there on his priorities list... Do you want that? If he can't make time for you now, what's it going to be like when the honey moon period is over?

  • Don't end up with saying that you will be around when and if he decides to get in relationship.
    Rather find a guy who is willing to put in as much efforts as you


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