To the kind women out there, how and when to start having sex at 16 with your girlfriend?

We're both quite similar in personality. I'm her first boyfriend, we make out a few times a school week. We've made out at my house, a bit at hers. I don't like her parents but think she's great. We're Juniors. She isn't regarded by the social crowd to be hot. I love her, for who she is. She loves me but has bad anxiety. So she worries without even saying if she is sometimes. But I'm good at picking it up when she gets anxious. I have anxiety too but I'm more socially accepted as hot. Your true advice is appreciated. I went out with her for the first time in October of this year for homecoming.


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  • If she has anxiety, don't rush her. Note that it's always important to talk to each other about things. There's nothing she wouldn't understand if you just be honest to her.
    If you feel like its time for the next "level " in relationship just get close to her and signalize with kiss/touch whatever. If she doesn't want it you will notice.


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