Does this guy seem as into me as I'm into him?

So been dating this guy for about 6 weeks, been on about 6 dates. He's a gentleman, opens my car door, hasn't pressured me for sex (I've made it clear I'm ready for that now though and haven't had a chance to meet up since then). In the 6 dates we've been on he's only let me pay once and I had to fight to do that (I also made it a point to get him his favorite cupcakes for his bday. Lol) He's an old-fashioned, pick you up and open your car door kinda guy. We get along great, have a lot of fun and have great chemistry, all our dates last at least 6 hours.

The only drawbacks - First, he's a bad texter. He pretty much only texts to set up plans. When I casually brought that up he said he's "easily distracted", but he now throws in the occasional "How's your day / hope you have a good day" texts, but I still might go a day or two without hearing from him (I try not to bug him either).

Second, one day he kinda blew me off for his buddies. Granted I had just seen him two nights before (on a Friday) but he said he wanted to see me again on Sunday so I had deliberately left my evening open only for him to then ask if I'd be mad if he went out with his friends instead. When I called him out on that, he apologized like 5 times and said he didn't mean to upset me.

The final drawback - he is taking on more responsibility at work and working a LOT. We're talking 13 hour plus days. He leaves the state to be with his family for Christmas in a few days. He told me he likely won't have time for dinner this week but is going to try to make time just to swing by and say hi before he leaves. Note that we're not exclusive yet. I don't feel we're close to having that talk anytime soon. But I really like this guy and some things seem more promising than other guys I've dated in the past. Does this seem like a guy who is as into me as I'm into him?


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  • It looks like he's escaping. If he'd be crazy about you he'd take you. Normally, 1-2 dates is enough to know the girl, so it's obviously he decided that your sparkle had not ignited. It's either you grab him or he's gone forever. Both options are equally terrible =D

    • Wait take me where? I'm not asking to go home for the holidays with him if that's what you're implying. Nowhere near ready for that... just asking about his general behaviors.

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    • I'm not confident and 100% sure. I'm just not willing to stalk someone 😂

    • Well he behave like he's escaping so, do as you wish.

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