Stalemate when to people like each other. Help?

Both of us are frustrated because no one ask each other out. I feel pressured to be the aggressor which you know that’s just not me. It’s not like Im not a nice confident guy it’s just you know fu#k stupid social rules. I’d be perfectly fine with asking her out but it’s like o well I guess I got to pretend to be an outgoing person to remain in a relationship because I’m a wimpy loser if not. I just like I need to be a stereotypical guy to get any where in the dating world and it’s just like no I want to be my own individual. It’s just so frustrating when you don’t want to conform to stupid rules like this but your just kind of forced into it. I came here to raint and possibly have someone understand where I’m coming from.
Stalemate when to people like each other. Help?
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