Girls, When dating would you date someone who is sober and bald?

I feel that being sober makes dating much harder when you don't smoke, drink, do rails or pot or whatever cause so many people go to parties and bars and such and i think its boring sober plus i have social anxiety so i don't enjoy going there. I also find women aged 18-30 don't really find bald guys attractive so that's like a double whammy the only thing i can make sure is that im in good shape and stack my money but then they could be attracted just cause you got money so im not sure how you find someone real in this world not a clue. I got tinder i used to have a pic of me with abs and i would get matches like crazy, well i don't have abs anymore and can't figure out how to get a photo that isn't cropped to just show my face so i feel like im screwed here lol just moved here i know nobody im not sure how to meet people at this point maybe when i go swimming or volunteer or something I don't know. Had 2 friends with benefits in 2016/ up till about march of 2017 since then haven't been on a date and haven't been laid either, haven't had an actual serious girlfriend since 2015
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... Im guessing 75% will not be interested just from looks alone
Need more answers and be honest don't sugar coat it


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  • Yes.


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