Is it a bad sign for a guy if his girlfriend spends more time with a male friend of hers then she spends with him?

I'm currently not in this situation, just curious.
  • Yes it's a bad sign, it doesn't seem normal.
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  • No, it's not uncommon.
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  • As long as she's only having sex with her boyfriend he shouldn't worry.
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  • This friend has got his hand in the cookie jar and should be dealt with lol
    I don't like nor understand the having a bunch of opposite sex friends you just chill with that isn't sexual more often than not as a guy when that's the case its cause they want me to go get weed for them or try using me for rides or some shit occasionally they hook u up with their friends and your like party friends


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  • Yes it's a bad sign, it doesn't seem normal.


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