Why do Girls always date abusive jerks?

The age old question...

Ladies, many of you ask for a nice guy who loves and respects you and treats you like a person rather than property.

So, why go for a guy who abuses you physically, emotionally, or both?

You befriend some nice guys when they come around but than date the trash you say you hate?

Im not trying to be insulting its just as a guy, I've lost many girls to guys who just use them, beat them, abuse them in every way, or think of girl's as property.

I've stood up many times and yeah I've gotton hurt physically and emotionally but anyway...

Hows your day so far?


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  • Maybe it’s just that a lot of men are abusive... We don’t have many options.

    • What about the nice guys that are actually nice and dont just say they are nice?

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    • Thank you, you seem sweet, I am glad someone is out there not wanting to hurt us.

    • As you said were a rare breed.

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What Girls Said 3

  • I wouldn’t a man got one time to come at me sideways and I’m swinging omm

  • Makes our panties wet.

    • Being abused is a turn on?

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    • Abuse isn't affection though... its not somebody wanting a girl its a person treating another person terribly.

    • Hun it's sex. That's all it is. I am not talking about rape or abused

  • I dont.

    • That's good, I've tried to help many of my friends and exes of mine but they never understand it... neither do I...

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