Some girls hypocrisy of short guys?

I'm 5'7 tall. Most girls say that they don't want to date a short guy or guys who are shorter than them which is okay cuz it's their preference but when a guy say that "usually short guys" say they don't want date girls who are heavy or heavier than them then some girls will say it is a terrible thing to say and it is not a preference but instead discrimination which I don't get cuz they can say it is preference for them but a discrimination for us to say and more most people can control they weight but no one can control their height so there is less reasons to think it is a terrible thing to say and it's just a preference like the girls think about short guys.


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  • That's because fat-shaming is more detrimental than height shaming. Women who are fat shamed are more vulnerable / inclined to eating disorders. What are short men going to get? A height disorder?

    • Self esteem issues, and the problems that stem from that. Come on, how did you not think of that?

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    • Hold on, but you just said before that one was shaming and the other was lack of attraction.

    • @HamAndCheese I said shaming (whether it's fat-shaming or height-shaming) is different than simply not being attracted to overweight women or short men. Shaming is ALWAYS wrong, I also said that. But lacking attraction isn't inherently wrong.

      When a man fat-shames a woman, it becomes a problem. I said, usually when men aren't attracted to fat women, they also fat-shame her as well, not sure why. They fat-shame whether it is by avoiding her as if she was a monster, or they talk about her behind her back.

      Women who aren't attracted to short men don't usually do this, at least in my experience. They don't avoid the short men as if they were aliens or strange mysterious creatures. They talk to them normally, as it should be. This is what a lot of men need to learn from.

      My fat friends aren't treated as humans, rather, as monsters. This is when it's problematic. It's NOT problematic when you're simply not attracted to them. But their dignity should be respected.

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  • Welcome to 3rd wave feminism xD ( it's not aiming for equality, aims to get or remove any benefits guys have while retaining the special privileges for women.


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  • Not all girls are like that and tbh there are horrific double standards on both sides of the war of the sexes


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  • Who cares? Fatties and manlets BTFO!!

    • You didn't even read the question.

    • I did, and I really don't care because I can see why a girl wouldn't want a midget and why a guy wouldn't want a landwhale. So both of those preferences/discriminatory practices are fine.

    • I totally agree girls allowed have their preference but they don't agree that girls's thing as a preference.

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